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July 15, 2006 Newsletter
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Hello Powerline Community!

You may have noticed, Powerline is all over the place! 200 Mbps powerline adapters are here at last! DS2 - NETGEAR - TATUNG ... eBay! Find Powerline Products Click here for your favorite eBay items COMING UP: IQPC present the 3rd annual installment of Broadband Over Powerline 2006 to be held at The Hilton Garden Inn, Dallas, Texas on 25-26 July 2006. Get the very latest updates on core applications, large-scale BPL deployment, the regulatory environment plus much much more. Visit http://www.iqpc.co.uk/NA-2741/2020 or call + (1) 800-882-8684 or + (1) 973-256-0211 for more details and massive discounts!
Advancements are in the news globally.

Be sure to send any information, articles and
press releases and we will share them with
the BPL Community.

Have a great Powerline week.

___________ CAN YOU HELP? ___________

MORE: To Whom It May Concern,
I am Seong-hwan Yoon, a senior at Soongsil University in Seoul, Korea. As a student who has been interested in the Electric engineering system, especially about Power Lines Communication. I have drawn special attention to and related technology in North America.
The main purpose of our project is to find the success factors for operating Power Lines Communication and Electrical engineering technology. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that it is critical for us to observe and learn from a successful, leading model.
Therefore, we are planning a research-in-depth this summer, which will consist of on-site and extended studies after our return.
In order to study and learn more about this field, we have done some basic research. During our research, your outstanding achievement and wide recognition of excellence in operating Power Lines Communication. This project will be sponsored by the LG Group, one of the largest corporations in Korea. Our research will contribute to successful design and construction of the new Power Lines Communication in Korea through reporting in reputable academic journal.
We firmly believe that your participation in this research project will contribute to your corporation¡¯s recognition and reputation in Korea.
It would be greatly appreciated if you would approve an interview as well as participation in programs during our on-site visit, at your convenience. The planned schedule for our visit will be between late-July to mid-August. Would you also kindly let us know what programs you¡¯re planning for July and August? Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Seonghwan Yoon
Student of Soongsil University
(e-mail) highsoul@gmail.com

Soongsil University Dept. of Electrical Engineering
1-1 Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-ku
Seoul, 156-743, Korea 
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___________ NEWS LINKS ___________

  • Having successfully pioneered the development of 45 and 200Mbit/s high-speed powerline communications technologies, DS2 has consolidated its position as the global technology and market leader, with a range of high speed 200Mbit/s PLC products available and commercialised by leading international equipment manufacturers. DS2 is currently bringing new partners up to speed to share in this market opportunity to accelerate growth potential, maintain the company at the vanguard of innovation and the market through technology excellence and leadership, and the delivery of timely, interoperable and coexisting products that meet client requirements in the BPL and digital home market. The current shareholders include the founders, Endesa and Itochu Corporation as well as the employees of DS2 through the employee stock option plan.

  • Driving the worldwide acceptance of high-speed networking over power lines, the HomePlug(R) Powerline Alliance conducted a special executive seminar in Japan on the uses of HomePlug powerline communications standards in the growing consumer electronics and communications markets. The meeting was held on July 12 at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. Intel Corporation presented the seminar with additional sponsors including Arkados Inc. and Intellon Corp.
        Topics covered in the HomePlug Executive Seminar included:
        --  An overview of HomePlug networking standards
                --  HomePlug 1.0 for Internet connection sharing and home
                --  HomePlug AV for whole-house high-definition
                --  HomePlug broadband over powerlines (BPL) for
                    to-the-home Internet connections and utility
                --  HomePlug Command & Control for home automation and
                    other applications
        --  HomePlug's approach to the unique Japanese domestic market
        --  HomePlug AV Architecture Overview
        --  Global Service Provider HomePlug Deployments
        --  HomePlug BPL Overview
        --  HomePlug Command and Control Overview
        --  Interoperability, Effective Co-existence, Interference
            concerns, and worldwide regulatory requirements
        --  Compliance and Interoperability Certification
        --  The exciting future for HomePlug standards
        --  Live technology demonstration of multiple HDTV transmissions
            using HomePlug AV  

  • Powerline technology has always seemed to promise much but never seem to quite come to the boil. But Goal Technology Solutions (known as GTS) has rolled out operational 30 meg connections in South Africa and is currently deploying in Uganda for UTL. And come October this year it will be trialling IP-TV.

  • In-home powerline technology signals new era SiConnect has launched its POEM technology, which allows the use of existing domestic electrical wiring for the transport of audio, video, voice and data in the home.
    SiConnect doesn't think the 'best effort' approach of Ethernet-like technologies, that rely on an asynchronous CSMA/CD protocol, can provide the consistent quality of service that's essential for a good consumer experience. So, POEM technology uses a Synchronous Multiple Access/Contention Resolution (SMA/CR) protocol and an inbuilt QoS management structure that delivers 16 different service levels for prioritising traffic.
    See www.siconnect.com

    News 1 on Powerline Broadband
    News 2 on Powerline Broadband

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    News 1 on Homeplug
    News 2 on Homeplug

    The FCC has released the full text of its Report and Order and Further Rulemaking, which requires all broadband platform providers and interconnected Voice-over-IP (VoIP) providers to facilitate wiretaps and traces in compliance with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The FCC declined to extend a blanket exemption from CALEA for BPL or small/rural broadband providers; but it did express its willingness to consider relief from the requirements on a case-by-case basis. It also invited comment on whether less stringent requirements could be imposed on these types of broadband providers.

    United Power Line Council Elects ConEd Executive as New Utility Co-Chairman

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Washington, DC - The United Power Line Council (UPLC) elected Tim Frost, Director of Corporate Planning for Consolidated Edison in New York, NY as the UPLC's new Utility Co-Chairman of its Board of Directors.

    As the Utility Co-Chairman, Frost will work closely with the Board's Technology Co-Chairman, Joe Cufari, Vice President of Business Development at Current Communications. Together, they will lead the UPLC's efforts to drive the development of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) solutions - using the existing distribution electrical grid and in-home electrical wiring - in a manner that helps utilities and their partners succeed.

    "UPLC continues to be a key forum to allow utilities and technologists to collaborate, identify issues and pursue joint actions," said Frost. "Con Edison has been committed to evaluating communications over power lines for decades, including new 'SmartGrid' technologies, for the benefit of its customers," he added, concluding, "I hope to speak on behalf of all the utilities that are eager to advance BPL technology."

    "We are all excited to work with Tim in his new role as Co-Chair of the UPLC Board," noted William R. Moroney, UPLC President and CEO. "Tim brings a great deal of utility industry experience to the job, including his most recent role as UPLC's Internal Applications Committee Chair.

  • Ethernet-over-powerline service provider Current Communications Group LLC has received "strategic investments" from some new big-name backers in the form of Goldman Sachs & Co., Google (Nasdaq: GOOG - message board), and The Hearst Corporation (see Google Backs Current Comms).
    While Current says it's not revealing any financial details, the Wall Street Journal reported that the round, which included input from existing investors EnerTech Capital and Liberty Associated Partners, LP, was around $100 million.
    Google is saying little about its involvement other than the following statement: "As part of our corporate mission, we are interested in promoting universal access to the internet for users. We support and partner with a variety of solutions for internet access."

    News 1 on Powerline Broadband
    News 2 on Powerline Broadband

    News 1 on Homeplug
    News 2 on Homeplug

    ___________ END NEWS LINKS ___________

    Alliance Press Releases

  • HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Announces Second HomePlug Executive Seminar in Japan for Consumer Electronics Markets, 7/10/06
  • HomePlug® Powerline Alliance Showcases HomePlug AV Technology at Microsoft's WinHEC, 5/23/06
  • The HomePlug® Access BPL Specification Working Group Announces An Open "Call for Submissions", 4/24/06

    Member Press Releases

  • Intellon Achieves Market Milestones in Shipments of Powerline Communications Integrated Circuits, 4/11/06
  • LEA Selects Intellon HomePlug® ICs to Enable Whole-House IPTV Service for Major French Telecom Operator, 3/13/06
  • Intellon Shows Strong Powerline Market Lead at CeBIT 2006, 3/8/06

    In the News

  • HomePlug Powerline Alliance: Wiring the Digital Home, 6/18/06
  • Whole-Home DVRs Driving Home Networking Over Coax Reports In-Stat, 5/22/06
  • Resurgence for home electrical lines on anvil, 5/15/06

    Read all at Homeplug.com

     Newly Elected from the PLCForum ::
    Read more from http://www.plcforum.org

    The activities of the PLCforum Association are developed under the responsibility of a Board, whose members are elected for one year during one of the Association's General Assemblies.

    The PLCforum Board (elected on September 15, 2005)
    Frédéric Onado, Chairman
    SPiDCOM Technologies
    Franz Heinzl, Vice Chairman
    Linz AG
    Jorge Blasco
    Michel Goldberg
    Michael Koch
    Masahiro Oya
    Mitsubishi Electric
    Alicia Sanchez
    Per Wigren

    A Marketing WG
    Chaired by Ingo Schoenberg (PPC), with the support of Frédéric Onado (SPiDCOM), Vice-Chairman.


    A Technical & Regulatory WG
    Chaired by Michael Koch (PPC), with the support of Scott Willy (Avisto Telecom), Vice-Chairman.

    Industry Canada
    • UPLC and UTC Canada File Comments on the BPL Consultation Paper
      View the Filing

    Also read : 'Powerline' UPLC Latest Issue
    BPL Database *News* from http://www.uplc.utc.org/

    FCC Certifies UTC/UPLC as the Access BPL Database Manager

    The Commission issued a Public Notice announcing that UTC/UPLC will serve as the database manager for the Access BPL systems. FCC Imposes November 19th Deadline for BPL Database

    The FCC also imposed a deadline of November 19, 2005 for BPL operators to enter the required information into the database about their BPL systems.
    Other BPL News from http://www.uplc.utc.org/

    FCC State News Industry News Supreme Court Issues Decision in Brand X Case

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