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7th February 2023

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Stock Market----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Alcatel share is listed on the Premier Marché of the Paris Bourse - Euroclear code 13000 (RGA) and Reuters code CGEP.PA - on the markets in Amsterdam, Anvers, Bâle, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Tokyo and Zurich, and on SEAQ in London. The stock is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange (code ALA ) in the form of American Depositary Shares (ADS).
Alcatel Investor Page

Ambient Corp:
U.S. Operating Headquarters for Ambient: Boston, Massachusetts Stock Symbol: OTCBB: ABTG. Shares Outstanding: Apx. 25 Million Industry Segment: Powerline Communications (PLC) Technology. In 2000, Ambient completed a successful private offering investment in a public entity (PIPE), with leading technology investment funds: Ambient Corporation is actively seeking to raise additional capital on an immediate basis in order to fund its operations and realize its business plans.
Ambient Investor Page

The Ascom registered shares are traded in the main section of the SWX under Valor Number 1133920, Symbol ascn. Symbols: Bloomberg: ACMLF and Reuters: Asczn
Ascom Investor Page

Echelon Corporation (ELON) is a world leader in the control networks industry. Its versatile LonWorks® control network technology is well known to designers and manufacturers of equipment in every major category: factory automation, process control, building and home control, agriculture, medicine, and transportation systems. Echelon provides a full range of products and services to support the design, development, installation, and maintenance of control networks of all types.
Echelon Investor Page

An exciting chapter of the EnBW success story began with the merger of Badenwerk AG and Energie-Versorgung Schwaben AG in the year 1997. The EnBW Energie Baden Württemberg AG was born.
EnBW Investor Page

Endesa now in 12 countries is based in Madrid, Spain. Leader in the electrical market in Spain and Latin America. Markets include energy generation, transport, distribution, commercialization, telecommunications and new technologies such as powerline networking.
Endesa Investor Page

The group GÖRLITZ AG was registered as a shareholding group in 1997, but the company was originally founded in 1976. Since then the company's success story has continued. The shares of GÖRLITZ AG have been freely traded in smaller circles outside the stock exchange since 1998. At the end of December 2001 there are about 7% in free float. The share prices are not officially determined, but are a notation of prices paid between the shareholders.
GÖRLITZ Investor Page

Hewlett Packard:
HP (NYSE:HPQ) completed its merger transaction involving Compaq Computer Corp. on May 3, 2002. The company would have had combined revenue on a pro forma basis with the Compaq transaction of approximately $81.1 billion in fiscal 2001 and has operations in more than 160 countries.
Hewlett Packard Investor Page

IntraCoastal System Engineering Corporation:
IntraCoastal System Engineering Corporation CDNX: ISY , based in Vancouver, BC, was founded in 1992 and was listed on the VSE on February 13, 1996. It is engaged in the design and manufacturing of its own proprietary automatic meter reading (AMR) system. IntraCoastal's primary market focus is on lesser developed nations such as the People's Republic of China, India, the Phillipines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.
IntraCoastal System Engineering Corporation Investor Page

MVV Energie AG was the first municipal distribution utility in Germany to go public. MVV has Europe-wide activities as an energy distributor and value-added services provider. Included strategies: Expanding Our National and International Multi-Utility Services, Acquiring Participations in Distribution Utilities and Service Providers in Regions with High Potential for Growth, and Investing Systematically in Technologies of the Future and Increasing Our Commitment to Renewable Energy.
MVV Investor Page

Sumitomo Electric:
We at Sumitomo (Code : 5802 / Tokyo/Osaka Stock Exchange) have striven to expand our business and to contribute to society's development, by developing products indispensable to infrastructure maintenance and original new products and technologies that satisfy customer needs.
Sumitomo Investor Page

Tality Corporation, a subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CDN), is the world's largest electronic product development outsourcing provider. Our mission is simple: to deliver systems design expertise and intellectual property that enables communications companies to realize their product visions and bring better products to market faster. Our equation is basic: less risk equals no surprises.
Tality Investor Page

Telkonet Communications, Inc.:
Telkonet was founded in 1999 and its shares are traded on NASDAQ OTCBB under the symbol TLKO. Telkonet is singularly focused on providing commercial power line networking solutions to the small and medium enterprise LAN market.
Tality Investor Page

Xeline has recently completed development of its 19Mbps class PLC chipset. Xeline has been working on a government development project with the Korean Ministry of Industry and Energy since December 1999 for high speed PLC Internet access, with Xeline as the sole developer of the super-high speed PLC chipset essential for this project. With its super-high speed PLC Internet access solution receiving worldwide attention, Xeline has already successfully completed pilot projects with utility companies in countries such as Italy, Australia, and China.
Xeline Investor Page

The Bush administration said Monday (Aug.19) it would seek $1.9 billion in fiscal 2003 for networking and information technology research and development as part of a supplemental budget request.
See August 20 Article

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